Warning!! There will be spoilers ahead!!

Many of you have heard of the longest running ABC show nameddd Grey’s Anatomy and many of you have written it off as not worthy of watching the show. And I will admit that at first I thought the exact same way, “ oh nah this show is just blood and certain lustful acts I’m not about to watch all that.” but by the trustful word of my mother she convinced me to give it a shot and now it's one of my favorite shows so now because I'm tired of getting hated on, you will all be forced to listen to why exactly it is a good show.

There are many factors to go into this show but let me start by saying that I am a very big defender of seasons 1-10 because those are the seasons that really carry the show and honestly are probably the only reason for getting invested into it. I’m only going to get into the original 5 because this article would just be wayyy too long if I get into all the lore. Basically the start of Grey’s Anatomy is 5 surgical interns who do their internship at Seattle Grace Hospital and are faced with a lot of challenges of being a practicing doctor; The 5 interns being Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev, George O’Malley, and Izzie Stevens. Meredith gets with Derek Shepherd but he ends up having a wife (Addison Montgomery) but it comes to light that she cheated on him and that's why he went to Seattle, they eventually divorce and Meredith and him get married. Not gonna sugar coat it, Derek was kind of a prick in the first couple seasons because boo hoo he can’t face the fact that he messed up by getting involved with someone while he was still in a marriage and obviously Meredith wasn’t gonna stick around for that mess but anyways their relationship gets better and they’re probably one of the better relationship on the show. Cristina Yang is possibly one of the best characters on the show, she is a shark when it comes to surgery, she knows what she wants in terms of speciality (cardio) and she's just so undeniably cool. In the first season she gets with a Attending ( highest surgical doctor rank ) and performs these amazing surgeries on hearts as if it's like nothing but not gonna lie she does get into a lot of messy relationships. And even though she's prickly to start she softens up in the best way possible. Karev had one of the best character developments, at first he's this mean messed up guy who hurts people because he's been in terrible situations but all the hardships he faces make him such a good doctor that he ends up working with kids and he is like the epitome of a dad in such a good way. He learns how to love and how to be there for his friends so that they can trust him and let him into the group. O’Malley was amazing at the start of his internship, a little emotional but he still would've made for a great doctor, however he was terrible in relationships because he didn’t know how to communicate and sadly he dies before he’s able to progress but he dies saving a life. Stevens is a bit crazy as she gets involved with a patient and does some very illegal ish and then gets with O’Malley. She gets involved with him when she shouldn’t have. Eventually she gets with Karev and they're great for a while because she's able to bring out the good in him but she gets cancer and dies and comes back to life and it traumatizes Karev that he eventually can’t continue with her and she leaves. So yeah that's long but surprisingly it's only the first like 5 seasons. The rest brings so much more that's worth watching for it.

What really makes me interested in watching so long is the cases. There’s cases such as a bomb in someone, a historical guy replicates a bazooka and tries to shoot it and it ends up in his friend but the bomb doesn’t explode and it's near the heart so literally what can save him would kill him. There was a case of a train crashing and a pole impaled 2 people that were connected and couldn’t move or else they would both die but one was in worse condition that she has to be pulled out and die so that the other person can be saved. The separation of not only conjoined twin babies but twin adults! Someone who was trying to figure out different ways to cure his own asthma by ingesting worms. A kid comes in with the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and it turns out she had a bone disease that caused her hearing to be amplified and presented like she had hallucinations.

I do realize that this was extremely long but I swear it really is worth watching. Shonda Rimes is able to create such an extensive show that flows so well. She is able to convey tragedies and trauma that these doctors face in an incredibly authentic way. Hopefully you guys are convinced and please for the sake of all Grey’s Anatomy watchers dont flame us anymore.