With graduation season coming full force this year, many seniors are contemplating how to make their outfit special and unique to them, giving them one more opportunity to connect and congratulate themselves on their special day.

A perfect way to accomplish this? Decorating your cap!

As a senior myself, I was excited and thrilled with the idea of decorating my cap, especially since our school gave us permission to decorate them. But, I also know of people who don’t care enough to personalize their outfit on their big day. If you are one of these people, I say, hear me out with these ideas and consider personalizing and connecting with such a monumental day.

Now, the designs.

First, to help make a decision, you really want to have a theme of your cap and where you want the design to stem from. For example, is it a music theme, a movie theme, a book theme, etc.. From there, find in those examples something that’s meaningful to you, like a quote, a particular scene, or just a funny phrase. Here are some examples of those:

Movies / TV Shows:



Funny quotes:

Cultural ideas:

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Mariza Soto

Mariza is a senior at Freedom High School and a writer for the Falcon’s Eye. She enjoys golf, reading, and writing in her free time.

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