Hi guys! My name is Grace Perez and I'm your Editor-in-cheif! I'm a sophmore here at Freedom and If it isn't obvious, I love writing! Aside from writing I enjoy going to church and Serving at my youth group! I alos love hanging out with my family and friends.

Another intersting thing about me is that I love makeup! If it were up to me I think I would have evry paper on the website be about makeup, but that's obviously not possible. I love watching makeup reviews,GRWM's and especially shopping for more make-up, which obviously leads to another one of my favorite hobbies, shopping! .

Besides shopping and makeup, I'm very passionate about teaching young children. I am currently taking Child development and plan to take careers with children. While taking career's with children, I plan to take 3-4 classes at LMC, and then have a license to teach or work at a Pre-school or daycare. While working this Job I plan to get my associates and Bachelors deegree!