Hi im Gio, that guy.

Never serious and I tend to laugh at things that nobody else finds funny. I dont care, if its funny to me thats all that matters. But dont get it confused with disrespect. Respect and honesty are the only things i value when it comes to relationships with my peers. I also dont make sense 50% of the time. Sometimes i feel like im a talking parent in charlie brown.

other than that im always wandering myself into things that i might regret in the future. but honestly thats the beauty of highschool. This a 4 part chapter that rushes you into reality.

I like to pretend im a secret agent that will one day retire in italy or a person that went to space and orbited the sun for a coup[le days.

One day ill look back at this, on a yacht drinking white wine with a medium rare steak and want to go back to when times where simple.

This is Beabadoobee, i dont know why shes on her.

Out of all of the pictures I have with family, this one has to be my favorite one due to the fact that this picture took place in Los Angeles. My grandpa, the one in the middle passed away a few years ago and this was the last picture we took of him with the entire family in it. This picture holds a special place in my heart. If you're having troubling spotting me I'm the one on the bottom right corner !