Christmas season is here! Time for yummy desserts and hot chocolate over the fireplace. But one of the all time best things about Christmas (besides spending time with your loved ones) is the presents! But shopping for people can be hard. Being creative with gifts isn't easy. So here are some best things to buy for different family members!

Parents: Christmas is a great time to be able to give back to your parents. But not everyone has the money for it. Some options are cleaning the house, baking them christmas desserts, a thoughtful letter, helping with cooking, babysitting the kids, or even something as simple as taking care of the animals for the day. But if you are looking to spend some money on them, some gift ideas include matching jewelry, engraved necklaces, flowers, things for around the house like a knife set, new candles, towel sets, bath accessories, or more personal items like cologne, a back massager, something related to their favorite show/movie, or if you have a dad like mine then hunting gear, camo clothing, warm boots, and jackets are the perfect gifts.

Cousins: cousins can be hard to shop for especially if you aren’t close with them. Here are some gifts you can never go wrong with! DIY is always fun, especially for younger cousins. For example DIY mochi ice cream maker, candle maker, bracelet maker, slime maker, etc. For older cousins, something easy that anyone would like. Candles, blankets, phone cases with fun designs, cute tote bags, and water bottles with stickers that they can decorate themselves.

Best Friends: Now if you have a best friend, chances are you know them well enough to come up with ideas. But if you're still stuck here are some more generic ideas. Matching jewelry, merch for their favorite artists, tattoo markers, skin care products, salt lamps, something to do with their birth month like necklaces with their birth stone or birth flower, jewel-tone birth month dish, rings with their birth colors, etc. For something more personal, open when cards (for example open when you’re sad or when you’re happy), custom morse code bracelet, fill in books, mugs with cute sayings, satin bed sheets/pajamas, “I hate everyone except for you” items, custom keychains, etc.

Significant Others: For your s/o, you’re gonna wanna get a special gift to show them how much you care. First I’ll list some of the things I got for my girlfriend for an example. A couple's truth or dare game, a rose quart cat, a keychain with our names on it, matching “I love my girlfriend” shirts, a wooden frog and a frog shirt because that's her favorite animal, flowers, matching pajamas, a hand painted sweater, and a heart necklace. What I did was think about things like her favorite animal, her favorite crystal, her favorite color, etc. and came up with ideas based on that information. Some examples that I didn’t list yet are a hand painted puzzle, date ideas scratch off poster, personalized jewelry, crocheted flowers or anything crocheted really. You can also get ideas from famous Rom-Coms like 10 things I hate about you or 16 candles.

Grandparents: One thing about grandparents is they love their grandkids. You can never go wrong with getting them gifts related to their grandkids. For example, school photos or family photos framed, blankets, pillows, or even clothing with their grandkids names/faces on them is a good one. But if you wanna be more creative then maybe a back/neck massager, warm blankets, cozy pajamas, freshly baked food, easy to put on slippers, kitchen accessories that make things easier for them like spice racks, vegetable choppers, organizers, etc.