During Miley Cyrus hosting the New Years Eve Party on NBC, she announced that she would be coming out with a song called Flowers on January 13, 2023 which is ironic because her ex-husband, named Liam Hemsworth’s birthday is the same day. After posting many snippets of the lyrics on her Instagram posts. It was rumored that the lyrics were in response to Bruno Mars’s song called “When I Was Your Man”.

Allegedly Liam Hemsworth dedicated that song to Miley Cyrus, however, when I listened to the song I could definitely see there being some type of response to Bruno Mars’s song. For instance in the song “When I Was Your Man”, Bruno states that he should’ve bought the girl flowers and held her hand. In Flowers, Miley states she “could buy her own flowers and write her name in the sand”.

Other than the similarities to the Bruno Mars song, the instrumental sound in the beginning sounded like “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. I loved how she used the painful things she went through and turned it into a song about self-love. When I asked my mom how she felt about the song, she told me although she didn’t hear the whole song because she discovered it from Tiktok, it has a I don’t need you or want you type of vibe to it and gives a nice way to respond to exes but she wouldn’t listen to this song willingly.

This law specifically targeted women during a time period of modesty, so they had to get creative. Women learned to sew extra material onto their store-bought skirts and blouses to cover more skin. This eventually progressed into today’s upcycling, where removing unwanted fabric is more common.

When asking a fellow student in my class she told me she loves the melody and has heard the song mostly in stores but was excited for the release of the song when Miley Cyrus made the announcement. Overall the song has spiked interest to others and has peaked to number 1 for 3 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. She even broke the record for the most streamed single in Spotify history.