Natural disasters are a part of life and California is one of the more susceptible states to these occurrences. Just in the last 60 years California has averaged about 300 natural disasters. The Contra Costa County area is very prone to fires mainly because of the amount of farmland and dry grass. Just in California, a total of 6,714 fires have been recorded in 2021. From the fire in Bradford Island, the air quality was very low and affected people as far as Brentwood and Oakley.

The Bradford Island fire started on August 2nd and burned until August 6th. This fire alone burned over 200 acres and damaged at least five homes in addition to forcing an entire evacuation. Fire marshalls found that they had no real way to put out the entire fire and had to just let it burn out. Many properties were lost and livestock were threatened. While this fire only lasted a few days, it affected all of the lives of the residents there.

If you have lived in California for a while you know all about fire season. If you don't know, the fire season runs from June all the way to September. During this time of year, wildfires are more likely to occur, spread, and impact residents. Fire season is driven by a combination of warmer and drier weather. Because of this, many farmlands get dry and brittle which make them easy targets for these nasty wild fires. I spoke to a couple long time residents to find out what they think of the fires. Many of them had emergency bags and evacuation plans in case their land was on fire. While a lot of them were terrified of losing their land to these disasters, many were upset that there wasn't more they could do to help stop them. Fire Fighters have done many interviews and articles to let us know exactly how to act if we find ourselves in this situation.

One important thing to have is, of course, a fire exstinguiser. But just know that these house grade fire extinguishers probably won't work on anything bigger than a kitchen fire. The best thing to do in a serious fire is call 911 and let the fire fighters handle it. A good precaution is to have a fire alarm and smoke detector and check them regularly to always make sure they are working. Checking the smoke/fire alarm is very necessary especially if you live on a lot of dry land. Also during an active fire, make sure to constantly stay low because of the smoke rising, and to cover your mouth with a clean cloth to avoid inhaling the smoke. When it comes to a fire if you have time to rescue your animals, proceed with caution because human lives should always come first. When dealing with bigger animals such as horses, cows, goats, etc. all you have to do is open their gates so they can get out on their own because animals will do whatever they can to protect themselves. You should focus mainly on evacuating yourself, friends, and family from the current fire.

Natural disasters are just another aspect of life that we have to accept, but that doesn't mean we have to be unprepared. Taking these cautionary measures could save you or a loved one's life.