Midnight cravings can lead to the most important question anyone has to answer: “what fast food place should I get tonight?” Of course picking the best option is crucial to satisfying your stomach’s needs, but knowing which place is the best is the most important answer to life’s many questions. What better way to settle the argument than making a tier list of the best and worst fast food places.


Starting in the F tier, is El Pollo Loco, a Mexican style fast food chain, if you can even call it that. El pollo Loco’s sales speak for themselves, it has some of the lowest sales in the fast food industry in America according to QSR magazine. Their menu is mediocre at best, with their chicken that is included in their fire grilled chicken meals. They are dry, lack taste, and taste as though it was left out too long before serving. The only decent thing that I enjoyed growing up was their sweet corn cake, though I believe it was discontinued. Overall if you wanted a mexican fast food chain, you could go to other chains with better food. Taco might as well be better than this restaurant.


On the D tier we have Carl’s Jr, or known in other states' Hardees. We have a Carl’s Jr in Oakley on main street, the first red flag being that it is always empty. Starting with their food, it is just not good. They have a few hidden gems in their menu, otherwise if you wanted a burger I would choose something else. Their curly fries are, against popular belief, greasy and not appetizing.


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In n out, while shocking to be placed on here, is definitely a great fast food industry, but in my opinion a little overhyped. Their burgers are amazing however not everyone enjoys their iceberg lettuce and their soggy buns from the warm spread. Personally, their plain fries aren’t the best quality, they taste a bit flavorless and get stale quickly, however their animal fries are pretty godly in flavor. In n Out is a classic and it may be the Californian bias that makes everyone love this place. Still, they lack variety in the menu, and the line is ridiculous, even on a weekday at 2pm.


Moving on to A tier we first have Chick fil a, selling chicken with a side of God. Chick fil a is the definition of separating the company with the food. Although I in no way support them as a company, I do support how their chicken sandwiches make my stomach feel. The Chick fil a sauce is top tier and you can buy it in stores which means no gatekeeping. Their menu items are pretty consistent and the quality of their food is amazing, leaving satisfaction every time you eat. Just make sure not to bring Jojo Siwa with you on your next visit.