What the dog breed you have says about you

As an animal lover growing up, owning my own bizarre pet has always been a constant notion in the back of my mind. Throughout all the phases I have gone through, a particular phase that will continuously circle back to me, are dogs. Between the debate of cats and dogs- an ever growing one at that- I personally choose dogs. Particularly for the reason that I am allergic to cats. There are a variety of dog breeds out there that people around the U.S own. The breed you may own can surprisingly say a lot about you as a person. According to Wag! Dogs are able to observe good traits in a person when they see one. With that said, here is what the type of dog that you own says about you.

Golden retriever

These friendly and intelligent dogs are often drawn to natural born leaders. You have no problem finding a solution and solving a problem. You are a very reliable person that anyone can count on when they are in need. When there is a problem, you are the person to go to.

Boston Terrier

This adorable breed is a friendly, lively dog with intelligence as well. They can happily engage with anyone, jumping with excitement when meeting a new person. If you own a Boston Terrier, you are a serious wanderlust, with plenty of adventurous traits in you. You're not afraid to try new things and are eager to take the next step ahead. A Boston Terrier will always be loyal to tagging along with you on your adventures. Labrador You are the life of the party, a friend to all and a social butterfly. Chances are that if you own a lab, you are very outgoing, agile, and kind. You're always finding ways to make others feel at home and comfortable. Whether it’s a small get together, or a lovely afternoon stroll, you enjoy every second of it.

German shepherd

Just like this focused dog, you know exactly what needs to happen to get something done. You are very strong, dependable and reliable. You often serve as a light for others to follow and feel warmth within it. You are a protector of other people, you will leave many people grateful to have you around. They will also stay loyal to you whenever you need them, due to your influence.

Just like humans, dogs are often drawn to those who share similar qualities with them. Whether you're curious as to how your dog breed mirrors your personality, or if you are interested in finding a dog that best suits you, perhaps these breeds will help you better understand your current or future furry companion.