Music influences all types of emotions, like happiness, sadness, and anger. But the biggest question is what’s the best song to cry to? According to the survey I did on Instagram, most people picked alternative artists like Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and Coldplay. I asked a sophomore in my chemistry class, “What is the best song to cry to?” and her response was ``adios amor by Christian Nodal. She expressed that she heard it from her cousin and started to play the song in her bedroom and bathroom to cry. Her favorite lyric was “As it hurts to lose I will resign myself to forget you because you failed me.”

When asking a peer the same question they responded differently with a R&B song called Can’t lie by Ali Gate. She told me it was the best song to cry to because of the meaning and emotion behind the song. Her favorite lyrics is “You used to be my comfort zone, used to be my one, And only one I wanna hold.” When going through a heartbreak this song became something she went to as comfort.

The last person I interviewed was another peer named Melissa. She shared to me that La Cancion by Bad Bunny is the best song to cry because it reminds people of their ex. She listens to the song everyday and her favorite lyrics are “I thought I had already forgotten you, But they played the song,”.

After asking and listening to other people’s opinions on what the best song is to cry to, I came to the conclusion that the best songs to cry to are the ones that remind you of some type of hurt or pain in your life.