Cruella is about the upbringing of a young rebellious little girl with poliosis that seems to bring trouble everywhere she goes with her mom. However, that changes when her mother dies in the chaos Cruella caused by Cruella not abiding by her mother when she told her to stay in the car while she went to handle getting money for their trip to London since Cruella got expelled from her previous school. As the result of her mother's death, it led her to become homeless and poor, but the biggest thing Cruella lost was her sense of self. As Cruella got older, she met her two best friends Jasper and Horace. Throughout the movie the trio stole things from people, including material which Cruella Deville used for making clothes. She embraced the poor background she came from by making a dress out of garbage. Cruella eventually got a job working for a high-class fashion designer named Baroness von Hellman who happened to be wearing the jewelry Cruella dropped when she fled from her mother’s death. This caused Cruella to realize later that it was a fashion designer who killed her mother by blowing the whistle for her dogs to attack her. When she discovered the truth about her mother, she turned back to her rebellious self by seeking revenge against Baroness von Hellman. Just as soon as Cruella was getting so close to making her mother's killer pay, Ms. Hellman found out who Cruella was, and tried to kill her by tying her up in a chair and setting the room on fire. Luckily, John who is the valet for Ms. Hellman saved and expressed to Cruella that Baroness von Hellman is her mother and when she had her, she wanted her killed but John gave her to the maid. He also gifted her with her birth certificate in a box to show her the proof. At the time Cruella expressed anger and hurt but that didn’t stop her from seeking revenge. In the end Cruella’s true mother was sent to jail for trying to kill Cruella again by pushing her off a cliff which is just the same way she did Cruella’s believed to be mother, although Cruella went through pain and suffering, she managed to come back to her real personality and embrace it, which circles back to why Cruella Deville became a villain.