Fashion is a form of self expression. Showcasing and layering pieces of fabric to create a stunning overall outfit as the end result. Fashion has been around as far back as 1826 and it's interesting to see how fashion has evolved since then. I wanted to show some of my favorite fashion accessories and how they were incorporated into runways, fashion editorials or how they can be incorporated into everyday outfits.

Starting off, this Ludlow denim mini skirt by Jaded London is to die for. I definitely believe that if you are a person who loves wearing skirts, you need to add this skirt to your collection. I myself don’t really wear skirts but after seeing this skirt I may have to start wearing them. (Price: $72)

Next, jewelry pieces that range from rings, earrings, necklaces, hair pins, etc by YVMIN ( have piqued my interest because of how liquified they look on a person. The silver material makes the pieces standout on an individual and I love them. The creator of the jewlery describes their Liquid Collection as “ uniquely aggressive”. To which I couldn’t agree more. The metal makes a statement. I do want to add that while the jewelry by YVMIN is appealing to the eye, the prices are not, so definitely it would be an investment if you are interested in purchasing their jewelry. Ripple/ Liquefied Butterfly Knuckle Ring ( Price: $ 105)

New Balance 574 x Miu Miu Denim Sneakers (Price $950) In the Spring/Summer 2022 Colletion, Miu Miu released these sneakers as a collaboration with New Balance. For those who don’t know the brand Miu Miu, it’s essentially the sister label to well known fashion brand, ‘Prada’. Miu Miu was founded in 1992 by Miuccia Prada and the high fashion brand is most known for their women’s clothing and accessories.

Blumarine Spring 2023 ‘Ready-to-Wear’ (Look 6) In this collection by Blumarine, this specific look caught my eye just because of how stunning the model herself is but also the entire outfit down to the handbag the model carries in her hand. According to the creative director for this collection, the looks are supposed to be inspired by the ‘Little Mermaid’

Marrknull FW’23 (Look 19) During London Fashion Week, MARRKNULL had the most stunning collection. If I could include all my favorite looks this article would be pages long, but I highly suggest you look at the individual looks as they are all beautiful. MARRKNULL is a uni-sex ‘ready-to-wear’ brand from Beijing founded by Wei Wang and Tim Shi. The brand is described as; “The brand uses special tailoring and silhouette changes to express a unique perspective on social culture and breaking gender limitations.”

Miu Miu Bow Detail Slingback Pumps (Price $975 ) Lastly, these pumps by Miu Miu would make me commit many crimes to have them in my possession. That’s it.

Overall fashion trends come and go because fashion is ultimately about change and fashion is subject to an individual's personal style. Just a reminder that fashion is abstract, there will be fashion looks that may confuse you, make you curious, or may even make you question who styled this but at the end of the day it's all about confidence, so never let someone’s comments about your outfit affect you. Fashion is a form of art. And you’re the artist !