From connecting with the school to battling in everyday activities, Connect Crew has found itself a positive title leaving many to ask, “what is Connect Crew?”. One major misconception about Connect Crew that students ask is “what’s the difference between Connect Crew and Leadership?” or even “are they the same thing?”. The biggest difference between both programs is what they are involved with. Leadership focuses on all parts of the school, and most school events, whereas Connect Crew focuses on transitioning 8th graders to freshman. What does that mean for Connect Crew leaders? They help with freshman events and fundraisers.

The program however, does not mean leaders help out with just freshman events. While that is the main focus, they will also be asked to help with homecoming, rallies, and Connect Crew sanctioned events. Within the class, leaders help with the popular “Tireless Teacher” and “Super Staff”. If you’ve ever sat in class and heard random loud cheering, then you’ve heard Tireless teacher and super staff. Every month, a teacher and a staff member will be nominated by other teachers and staff members to win a Tire and gift basket (for Tireless Teacher), and a superhero cape and gift basket (for super staff). During the event, leaders will hold posters, cheer for the winner in the halls, until reaching their destination to congratulate the winning staff.

The two biggest events that come with Connect Crew are Boot Camp, Freshman pool party, and the Connect Crew study sessions. Boot camp, which does not need an introduction, will consist of being on the opposite side. You will now be the leader of the event, to bond and talk to freshmen about classes, pride, social norms, and of course how to be competitive. Although being the leader is fun, it is important to remember to be a real leader. Joining the class, you must be a Junior or Senior, and must contain any foul language or actions. The class also requires a sobriety contract, meaning that you cannot post yourself drinking or doing any sort of drugs. Setting an example is top priority especially in front of freshmen who believe they know better (spoiler they don’t, but they will make that clear).

Lastly is how the class runs. Every student in Connect crew is a leader however, there will always be 2 commissioners to lead the class as it is a student led class. If you're wondering what you get graded on, participating in spirit weeks as well as falcon friday and college thursday every week, will be a part of your grade. You will also be graded for being at setups, including boot camp, rallies, and other freshmen events your commissioners ask you to stay for.Of course it’s all up to your commissioners and what they ask, but Connect Crew wont ask for too much when it comes to getting to school early, or staying after school. Every student must present an activity to the class, for ideas and what to work on for monthly Connect Crew visits. The last major thing to know if you're thinking of becoming a member, Is that you will be required to go into a freshman class to bond and present an activity, announcements, and competitions. If you're nervous about going, you will always have a partner to go in with. That is all you need to know about the Connect Crew class. This upcoming year and from then forward, Mr. Klezmer will be the Leadership teacher, so if you ever need anything he will always be there in your corner. Always remember to try new things and that it’s okay to try to do more.