March 27, 2022 the 94th Oscars aired on television with actors and celebrities all joining together in one venue to award film directors and actors for being spectacular in their role or originality the film offered to theaters. Among those who had the honor to present the awards was Chris Rock, a famous comedian and actor who reached mainstream fame after his breakout stand up comedy film “Bring the Pain.” During the show Chris name drops Javier Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz because they were both nominated for awards./ He proceeds to make a joke about how if she does not get awarded then Javier could not win either and hopes that Will Smith wins the award instead, which gives Rock a segway to make a “joke” to Jada.

Rock says in a loving manner that he loves Jada but then proceeds to say “G.I. Jane 2 can’t wait to see it.” The joke received a couple laughs and giggles and to the average watcher it may seem like a harmless joke, but there is something that lies deeper with research and background knowledge to fully understand why this to many people was seen as bad. Jada Smith has alopecia which if one does not know is basically hair loss on wherever on one's body. So what may seem like a harmless joke in the grand scheme of things it looked like he was being disrespectful because she has alopecia.

What comes next is what many did not see coming, at all. Will Smith stands up in front of hundreds of professional actors and filmmakers, walks up to Chris and slaps him across his left cheek. Gasps filled the room when it occurred and it left Chris Rock in what looks to be in a state of embarrassment. When Will finally sat back down he had harsh words for Rock saying to, “Keep his wife’s name out of his mouth.” Both the audience and those tuning in to watch could hear the entire thing take place, there was no censorship at all. This then brings light to the question, who was right? Will Smith or Chris Rock?

I took matters into my own hands and asked people around school who they agreed with more. The vast majority said that they agreed with Rock because it was “just a joke” and Jada said in multiple interviews that she does not care what people think of her condition. He should’ve taken the issue somewhere else rather than act unprofessionally.

Those who agreed more with Will Smith were primarily women and their reasoning was because it’s his wife and it was completely justified because Rock was slandering his wife's image and condition. Many did agree that he shouldn’t have slapped him on live television but what could he have done? That’s the woman that he loves so of course he was going to, in many people’s eyes, act-out-of-line and on pure emotion. But it’s completely justified.

Whatever people’s stance on the situation is, both sides can agree that the relationship between Jada and Will is a weird and shaky one. The Red Table Talk show, a show where the main cast consists of the mother of Jada, Jada and Will’s daughter Willow, and Jada, three generations of women that talk about various topics; some topics more controversial than the last. On this show Jada reveals a lot about herself and the relationship between her and Will as a married couple, she reveals so much in fact Jada confesses to Will that she was unfaithful to him with R&B singer August Alsina during a split they both had during sometime between 2017-2019. August was at one point a guest on the show during 2018 with Jada introducing him as “a dear family friend.”