Hey Everyone!! My name is Chloe and I am the editor of the Sports Page. I'm here to give you fresh updates on Sports related topics and engage on the School Paper. Make sure to leave a comment of the articles to either let us know what to do next or just to give feedback! I'm excited to hear from you guys and heres a little more about me :]

As of when I'm writing this, I am a Senior at FHS and 17 years old!! I normally spend my time hanging out with my friends or spending time with my cat, Ollie!! (aka Butt Blaster 3000.. ifykyk) Anyways, when im not doing any of those things I would either be watching shows, crocheting, listening to music or playing video games :p

I am a DLC (Downloadable Content) Update for the Art Club!! Which is where I spend most of my time with my friends (and you should too! make sure to stop by, you dont have to be an artist to hangout :] ) I have some friends out of freedom though,, one I met in Middle School, almost 5 years ago! And another I met in Elementary School (LITERALLY 11 YEARS AGO!!!) They have had to deal with me for so long lol.

More about my cat!! His name(s) is Ollie (Oliver, Hater, Butt Blaster 3000, Absolute Menace). He is 3 years old, turning 4 in June (g*y) I'm a ally!! dw!!) Yeah, so im really excited to feed him one of those cakes made for cats when June comes around!!!!

Some shows that I have watched are The OA, Wednesday, The Walking Dead, Serial Experiments Lain, Chainsaw Man, Girl from Nowhere, Aggretsuko, Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares, Chowder, and The Amazing World of Gumball. Some Movies I love are Coraline, Marrowbone, X, Pearl, "I, Tonya", Hereditery, Midsummer, Perfect Blue, Birds of Prey, and Everything Everywhere All at Once.

I also love to crochet! I mainly like doing Amigurumi (stuffed animals) which is really fun!! I started in August of 2022 :>

This is Beabadoobee, She is one of my favorite artits and I would recommend her music to anyone who is interested in new music !

Out of all of the pictures I have with family, this one has to be my favorite one due to the fact that this picture took place in Los Angeles. My grandpa, the one in the middle passed away a few years ago and this was the last picture we took of him with the entire family in it. This picture holds a special place in my heart. If you're having troubling spotting me I'm the one on the bottom right corner !

Elizabeth Maria Jacobo

Elizbeth Maria Jacobo is a part of the Class of 2023 at Freedom High School. They enjoy writing, listening to music, and drawing cats.

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