Winter Break is crucial for students to take time off school to rest. For some, this means more time to sleep in, for others it means time to watch shows or movies, or maybe take up a new hobby. However, I asked people if they read any new books over their winter break, and here's what a couple of students had to say. Starting off with a senior, who decided that they want to stay anonymous, they said that they read 2 books over the break titled ‘It Starts With Us’ by Colleen Hoover, and ‘The Virgin Suicides’ by Jefferey Eugenides. The student claims that they were withholding from reading ‘It Starts With Us’ because they were busy, however, once they had some free time was when they read it. The book is 200 pages long, and they read the book in one day which is really impressive! Yay them. Books by Colleen Hoover have been deemed very popular since her books gained popularity through TikTok. While there are lots of fans of Colleen Hoover's works, this high school student seems to think otherwise. They also mentioned that even though they read the book, they believe Colleen Hoover shouldn't be put on a pedestal for her mediocre romance writing. This student believes that there are other better alternative authors for romance such as Malindo Lo whose genres and themes within her books are young adult fiction, coming of age, and romance. As for the second book, the student states that while reading it felt as if they were putting a puzzle together, piece by piece. As well as she thought that the book makes you feel like it is messing with you and it took them only 2 days to finish. Nayelli Romero, a senior, read ‘Things We Never Got Over’ by Lucy Score. She describes the book as an enjoyable and quick read. Mentioning the fact that she found the characters to be entertaining. However, it also states that it's one of those books that you enjoy reading at the moment but you would never pick up again. Another reader of Colleen Hoovers books who would like to stay anonymous, who read ‘It Ends With Us’ simply stated that the book's ending was boring. Theanna Bonifacio, a junior here at Freedom read ‘Maybe in Another Life’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid, stating that the overall message of the book is about being careful of your choices and she read it all in one night! Overall a variety of books and I’m sure many students were grateful for the winter break that gave them time to read these books! Now we wait for spring break!

List of Books

It Starts With Us - Colleen Hoover
The Virgin Suicides - Jeffrey Eugenides
Things We Never Got Over - Lucy Score

It Ends With Us - Colleen Hoover

Maybe In Another Life - Taylor Jenkins Reid

I Want to Die but I Want to Eat Tteokbokki - Baek Se-Hee

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden