Recently a DC comic-based character named Black Adam has a movie that came out on October 21. When I went to see it at Maya Cinema I was intrigued by how enjoyable the movie was. At first, it started with this young kid being a slave from Kahndaq who is searching for this rock called the rock of eternity which holds the source of all magic. As other slaves were digging to find this rock, he ends up finding it and reporting it back to the guards as he’s supposed to do and when he did he thought he was going to get some type of reward but he didn’t, and when he complained someone close to him was killed by the guards. The death only angered the little boy which is why he took the rock and held it to the sky to show other slaves that they were free and ran away from the guards. Eventually, the boy got trapped and used the rock as help by putting it towards the sun and suddenly disappearing. The boy gained the powers of all magic and defeated King Anh-Kot who was essentially the villain of the story or so it was thought until the full story came out about the true intention of why Black Adam killed King Anh-Kot. Many noticeable faces were shown throughout the movie like Noah Centineo, Dwayne Johnson, and Viola Davis. Overall I enjoyed how the movie stayed true to who Black Adam was. I personally rate it a 9.5 out of 10.