Lastly the most dangerous of all is lusting after the one whom she owes a debt to. Her trust in others has now been doubted and Evangeline sadly finds herself committing a sin to herself and a mistake some have made before her: becoming infatuated with the Prince of Hearts himself. As her life is becoming more in danger in the realm of the living, the young heroine finds herself having shelter in the doomed Realm of Vampires. Evangeline being a key to an ancient prophecy and finding out more of her past as well as her role in the game of destiny, the three Fates bind their time and try to make Evangeline unlock the prophecy. As the Prince of Hearts and the Weeping Bride protect the young princess, she finds out more about the past: of her family, of the Fates’ and begins to unravel the prophecy that she is destined to unlock and contemplates the involvement of the Fates and if their intentions are pure or hidden.

The power of love, fate and temptation are tested through the pages of the book as Evangeline encounters more fates, history and contemplates her heart as well as her continuous fury for the Prince of Hearts and the never ending missions she must take to find out her purpose in his endgame. As the story reaches its climax at the ending the components of the prophecy unfold, intentions are told, hidden identities are revealed and spells are undone. With a few pages the author packs so much action, romance, fantasy and mystery in the last couple chapters. The prophecy is completed, destiny has now taken the reins on the lives of the Fates and Evangeline and with opening it came a terrible cost. WIth every and any kind of magic, magic always has a price and that price must be paid no matter what.

The last couple of pages the repercussion of the pages is revealed. I could not put this book down. The twisted nature of the Fates make you question them but it is hard to not like them. The ending threw me off and I could not predict it if I tried. I definitely will be waiting for the next book.