This past Friday, April 22nd, 2022, I went to my first concert ever and saw beabadoobee perform. For those who don't know who beabadoobee is, beabadoobee or Beatrice Kristi Laus is a Filipino- British singer songwriter. Born June 3, 2000, Beabadoobee is known for her alternative/ indie music. She also fits underneath the popular genre of bedroom pop that many people, including myself, enjoy. One of her very popular songs that you've probably heard of before is called ‘Coffee’ which entered the Top 5 in April 2020, and has hit many countries including the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Her debut album is called Fake It Flowers which consists of 12 songs with many different sounding melodies. The songs in the album are Care, Worth It, Dye It Red, Back to Mars, Charlie Brown, Emo Song, Sorry, Further Away, Horen Sarrison, How Was Your Day?, Together, and Yoshimmi, Forest, Magdalene. I was able to experience some of these songs live at the Ace Of Spades Concert Venue in Sacramento with a group of friends. I left my house around 5 and got to the venue around 6 to stand in line since the show started at 7. Once passing security, we went inside the very small venue and claimed a spot for me and my friends to all stand. Due to the fact that the venue was very small we got to be up close to the stage. The opening artist for beabadoobee was Luna Li, Luna Li is half korean and half canadian. Also a singer songwriter- who made a song with beabadoobee titled ‘Silver Into Rain’. She opened for the first hour of the show. Once Luna Li finished, we waited about 30 minutes for Beabadoobee to get on stage. This was probably the longest 30 minutes of my life that I experienced, because I was just so eager to see Beabadoobee on stage. After 30 minutes passed, Beabadoobee appeared on stage and the whole crowd went wild just to see her. She started the show off with her song ‘Worth It’ and it was so amazing to hear in person. Some of my favorite songs by her that she performed were “He Gets Me So High”, “Last Day On Earth '', “She Plays Bass' ' and “Talk”. Talk is one of her newly released singles for her album Beatopia that is stated to release on July 15 of this year. I was so lucky to be able to hear “Talk” live. It was a 10/10 experience. Despite her mentioning during the middle fo teh show that she was feeling sick she still gave us an outstanding performance. I would definitely recommend for everyone to listen to her songs because she has so many amazing songs. The concert ended at 10;26 and afterwards me and my friends went to the merch line to grab some of the merchandise. At the merch table they were selling both merchandise from Beabadoobee and Luna Li. Items such as vinyls, cassette tapes, tote bags, short sleeve shirts, long sleeves and hoodies. Overall for Beabadoobee being my first concert experience ever I really hope to see her live again.