Benito Martinez Ocasio, known to the public as Bad Bunny, is a 28 year old Puerto Rican reggaeton singer/rapper who has released 6 studio albums, 69 singles as a lead artist, and 32 singles as a featured artist. Bad Bunny was the biggest streaming artist of spotify in 2022 and has won two Grammy Awards, four Latin Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, and thirteen Premios lo Nuestro awards. Some people, however, still ask how it's possible that he rose to fame so quickly, and don’t understand why.

In 2020, Bad Bunny released his 3rd solo studio album called “El Último Tour del Mundo”. It gained most popularity in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina and was the best selling Latin album in the U.S in 2021. Bad Bunny later announced his tour for the album for 2022. In January, a month before the tour even started, he announced a stadium tour called “Worlds Hottest Tour” for an album that hadn’t even been released yet. In a video released by his team announcing the tour, Bad Bunny says “así que en lo que yo trabajo en mi nuevo álbum, ustedes pueden comprar sus boletos para la siguiente gira!”, which translates to “While I work on my new album, you guys can buy your tickets for the next tour!”. It was later announced that the album would come out in May and was titled “Un Verano Sin Ti” (A summer without you). This caught the fans off guard because no one expected him to go on two seperate tours and release an album with 23 songs in the span of one year. This type of consistency and activeness isn’t usually expected or done by many big artists, so Bad Bunny’s continuous consistency plays a big factor on why he is so popular.

Bad Bunny started off releasing mostly trap and reggaeton songs in his early years as an artist but eventually started experimenting with different sounds and genres. Although his albums “YHLQMDLG” abbreviated in English to “I do whatever I want”, and “X100PRE” which means “forever”, mostly consists of reggaeton and trap, his albums “El Último Tour del Mundo” and “Un verano sin ti” includes a variety and mix of a lot of genres and sounds including alt-rock, punk, ballads, merengue, bachata, and indie pop. Although it’s a risk to include different vibes/sounds to an album, they were both still a complete hit after all. His diversity in music makes him interesting, makes fans more intrigued to the artist and brings attention to other groups of people who might’ve not listened to Bad Bunny before.

Besides being one of the most successful, diverse, and consistent artists, Bad Bunny is known for his incredible humility. Coming from a country who has many struggles, and not having much growing up, Bad Bunny doesn’t forget where he came from and shows his love and support for his country in a lot of his songs. He is one of the few big artists who use their platform to spread awareness on the struggles of not only his home country , but the entire Latino community. He has made multiple donations to humanitarian organizations, raps about racism and real struggles in the world, established the “Good Bunny Foundation” which is an organization that helps support Puerto Rican and Hispanic communities across the U.S, and attends several protests. His recent album features a song called “El Apagon” which translates to “The Blackout”, and it talks about Puerto Rico’s continuous blackout and power outage problem over the years. Towards the end of the song, it also mentions Puerto Rico’s struggle with outsiders taking over and taking advantage of their country. He recently released the music video for the song and included a documentary in the music video that shows the public the true meaning of the song and Puerto Rico’s never ending struggles. Including a documentary in a music video was such a clever idea and it opened many eyes because although people knew Puerto Rico was having problems, they never really knew how bad the struggles were or how they could help, and the music video really helped encourage people to find ways to help. Also, in his recent stadium tour, fans received wristbands that lit up for the concert, and Bad Bunny made his team include a QR code to the back of the wrist band to several links to organizations to help support Puerto Rico and their communities. Not only has he shown his support and pride for the Spanish speaking communities but Bad Bunny has also shown his support for the LGBTQ+ community and has had ways to show his pride and encourage inclusivity and acceptance, through his unique style and music videos which defy traditional gender norms.

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With all this being said, although bad bunny could still be seen in a negative way because he is still also known for his songs that include dirty sexual messages and strong foul language in Spanish, people must remember and understand that there is also good in his songs and messages that overcome the bad, like his pride, love and support for his country, several communities, and fanbase. Bad Bunny’s uniqueness, humbleness, and positive influence in this generation has truly makes him one of the biggest artists in the world.