Mexican avocado farmers have been arming themselves to protect themselves and their farms from the cartels around the country. “But as growers’ fortunes have risen, so have threats from drug cartels aiming to sink their teeth into the revenues.” -Courier-Journal

Avocados are known as “green gold” in Mexico. Mexico makes billions of dollars from avocado exports and the cartels in the area wish to take advantage of this fact. They are extorting farmers with threats of violence in order to do so.

As a result of the cartel’s constant threats, Mexican farmers began arming themselves with weapons to protect their homes, land, and self. They surrounded their land with barricades and even the local people have come to help the farmers defend themselves from the cartel. “To defend themselves, locals are arming up and forming vigilante groups to protect their avocados.” -Insider

You may ask, “What does the Mexican government think of this? Are they supporting the farmers or are they against them?” "Self-defense groups shouldn't exist because the security function belongs to the state. I don't support people taking arms to face crime because it doesn't have good results and sometimes criminals infiltrate in those groups.” -Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at a press conference in June

Mexico’s president is not in support of armed guards protecting farms. He believes it to not have good results and is dangerous. There is also the possibility of people infiltrating the groups and causing even more harm to people.

Things are getting hectic in Mexico’s agricultural scene. The cartels are trying to take advantage of the farmers’ profit. The farmers are doing their best to fight back with the assistance of local people forming armed guards for them. The Mexican government is in opposition to this movement and pressure increases on the people of Mexico. Who knows when things will ease over in the country of Mexico. One thing is for sure: the Mexican people will keep fighting for their people.