November is here! It’s officially autumn season where we wear big sweaters and eat pumpkin flavored foods. And something that comes with every new season is themed music. Here I’ve gathered the top ten of the best songs for a fun fall playlist!

#1 “We Fell In Love In October” By Girl In Red. It’s a cute wlw (which means woman loving woman) love song about falling in love in october. It has lyrics like “Smoking cigarettes on the roof” and “Looking at the stars, admiring from afar” that give off autumn vibes. What makes it very fall is the rhythm and the topic of the song.

#2 ”All Too Well (Ten Minute Version) (Taylors Version)” By Taylor Swift. This song may be sad but it’s one of the most autumnal feeling songs there is. The lyrics mention things like leaves falling and the cold air. The entire album “Red” is based in autumn and you can tell.

#3 “Drunk On Halloween” By Wallows. This song has a good beat with classic lyrics about heartbreak. This song is one of the more obvious fall ones with halloween literally being in the title. The main mention of halloween is a flashback to one halloween where the couple had some sort of fight.

#4 “Young” By Vacations. This song went viral on tik tok for its smooth beat and its relatable lyrics. It’s not an obvious fall song but with the beat you can almost feel the autumn wind.

#5 “It’s Almost Halloween'' By Panic! At The Disco. This song is about a halloween party. The chorus has a lyric “Everybody scream it’s almost halloween!” again, one of the more obvious ones. The whole song has a very Halloween feeling. #6 “Heather” By Conan Gray. This is an extremely popular song with a slow beat and soft lyrics. It’s about a love interest picking someone else over you. It’s not obviously a fall song but you can really just imagine listening to this as you're on a walk and the weather is cold and windy and the leaves are everywhere. #7 “The Night We Met” By Lord Huron. This is a sad song about wanting to go back to when things were good with someone. The lyrics are so detailed you can envision what he’s singing about.

#8 “Kiss Me” By Sixpence None The Richer. This is a sweet song about love that makes you just want to skip down the sidewalk through some leaves.

#9 “Sweater Weather” By The Neighbourhood. This is a love song about the cold weather hence why it’s in this playlist.

And last but not least, #10 “Lovers Rock '' By TV Girl. This is an iconic song with an iconic beat. This song is a love ballad named after the reggae sub-genre Lovers Rock, common in the '70s and '80s.

And with that, i’ll leave the code down below for you guys to find the full spotify playlist. Thank you for reading!