Internet influencer Andrew Tate has gained quite a reputation. He gained popularity within the last year and spiked at 45 million Twitter and Instagram followers, but most people know him for his interviews as seen on TikTok or YouTube. Andrew Tate’s fans follow him for his men’s rights activism, and the advice he gives on how to be successful. Tate also founded Hustler’s University, which is an online education program that's goal was to “alter the education system” by having classes on cryptocurrency and digital marketing.

His following mostly consists of men, which is unsurprising due to his vocal support of men’s rights. A large crowd dislikes Andrew Tate, though. They claim he is a misogynist that does not respect women. They support these claims by showcasing video clips of Andrew Tate’s interviews where he frequently makes concerning comments. In an interview with Dave Portnoy that was uploaded to his Youtube channel on July 13, 2022, Andrew Tate said “if a woman is going out with a man, she belongs to that man.” This is clearly unsettling, since Tate is suggesting that women are men’s property.

In 2017, Andrew Tate moved to Romania and joked his reason was because the laws about sexual assault were less strict.

There are several other of Tate’s comments that are under speculation of sexism, and his content consumers argue over his ethics consistently.

This question was more or less answered on December 29, 2022, when Andrew Tate was accused of and arrested for human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group.

Romanian police had been searching for Andrew Tate and his brother Tristain for speculation of human trafficking. They were under the impression that the siblings had fled the country, which makes them appear guilty, but also out of the Romanian police vicinity.

It was not until Tate’s own mistakes that he revealed his own location. The rumor flying around social media is that he posted a video of himself with a Romanian pizzeria box in the background of the video, and cops were able to determine his location. While this may have aided in locating him, Tate actually revealed his location several times prior to him posting the video just by uploading on the internet and having those posts tracked.

Today, January 13th, Andrew Tate is not officially arrested but is still being detained. Romania’s capital Bucharest is upholding the 30-day arrest for all three charges. Prosecutors can now request detentions up to 180 days. Andrew Tate made an appeal, but the judge rejected this due to “the possibility of them evading investigations,” and that they could “leave Romania and settle in countries that do not allow extradition.”

Extradition is when a person commits a crime in one jurisdiction, like a country, and moves to a second jurisdiction to escape punishment. If the second jurisdiction follows extradition, then the person will be sent back to the first jurisdiction to be put on trial. If the second jurisdiction does not follow extradition, then the criminal can stay in that jurisdiction without being faced with consequences or trials due to committing a crime in the first jurisdiction.

While the Tate brothers have been detained, prosecutors have seized fifteen luxury cars such as a Rolls-Royce, BMW, Aston Martin, and Porsches. They’ve also seized 14 luxury watches and more than ten properties and land owned by companies registered to the Tate brothers. The total value of the assets sum to about $3.9 million USD. If prosecutors can prove that they gained money through human trafficking, the assets will be taken to pay for further investigation and to cover damages to the victims. Romania’s anti-crime group DIICOT has executed a total of 12 home search warrants as part of the investigation so far.

DIICOT has identified six victims of sexual exploitation. They announced that “the victims were kept under surveillance and forced to perform pornographic demonstrations… at least one victim was raped on two separate occasions.”

Andrew Tate’s lawyer also came forward to inform the public that there is no evidence to support the crimes of human trafficking and rape besides the victim’s personal statements.

Other lawyers in the case have not spoken out, but people have pieced together information. The New York newsletter “The Cut” disclosed that the Tate brother’s webcam business only thrived because they were “coerced and kidnapping women to participate.” If investigations are able to proceed, then their webcam business will be the first target.

Social media is in an uproar surrounding Andrew Tate’s arrest. Most people think it is about time that officials are paying attention to his obvious signs of criminal behavior and hate crimes, while other people stand with Tate and believe he is falsely accused.

Defenders are asking why Tate is being analyzed for something that only allegedly happened years ago. The Muslim Skeptic HQ, an online newsletter claims “the Matrix has been trying to silence brother Andrew at all costs. They completely wiped him off social media and closed his payment processors, but it wasn't enough. So the next best option short of killing him is putting him in prison.” The matrix refers to the government.

While allegations have been recently arising, evidence from the past still stands strong. In 2016, Andrew Tate was featured on the show Big Brother. He did not get a lot of screen time though, because as show watchers know, there are cameras in every room of the house that the Big Brother participants live in. Well, one of the cameras caught Andrew Tate hitting a woman with a belt, while he threatened to “f**king kill her” if she talked to another man. Andrew Tate got no legal punishment from this besides being removed from the show.

Until investigations proceed or Andrew Tate is found innocent, the Tate brothers will continue to be detained. Romania is withholding news on their conditions tightly so we will not get more news until significant changes in the case are uncovered. Whether you believe Tate is guilty or innocent, it is not up to us to say.