Welcome to the vibrant, serene, tropical paradise that is Caroline Polachek’s Desire, I Want to Turn Into You. With 12 tracks and a run time of 45 minutes, there isn't a second of the album that doesn't suck you into a sea of incredible melodic, siren-esque vocals mixed with the amazing production of Danny L. Harle.

This product is nothing other than an outright masterpiece, scoring super high with critics on release day. Rated 8.7/10 by Pitchfork in Best New Music, 93/100 by Metacritic, described by Rolling Stone as “.. a glittering showcase for her encyclopedic musical knowledge and formidable voice”, 8/10 by theneedledrop on youtube, and liked by 97% of Google Users. But now.. here’s my review!

Fair warning that if you came here expecting somewhat of a contemporary music style, you're in for a ride. This album is jam packed with experimentalism and honestly.. I'm here for it!! The genre(s) are Art Pop, Alternative Pop, Electronic, Rock (at times), and also Flamenco (at times). Which I think with all these genres being in 1 album is a little crazy but oh my god does it work so well together.

The tracklist is, again, consisting of 12 songs; those being Welcome To My Island, Pretty In Possible, Sunset, Bunny Is A Rider, Crude Drawing of An Angel, I Believe, Fly to You (feat. Grimes & Dido), Blood and Butter, Hopedrunk Everaskings, Butterfly Net, Smoke, and finally Billions. Just the track names alone are alluring! So let's dive into warm waters that is Desire, I Want to Turn Into You.

Welcome To My Island; “Welcome to my island. See the palm trees. Wave in the wind. Welcome to my island. Hope you like me. You ain’t leaving.” Welcome To My Island opens up with a howling call that seems to come from the salty breeze itself. Then going into repetitive but never stale, glistening, verses describing the venture that you are about to embark through this album. 8.5/10- listen never gets old, easy to learn lyrics.

Pretty In Possible; “Potential is the drug. They never knew you never tried. But you see it in my eyes. And that is bae. Threading the needle. Pretty in possible.” This track is nicely placed right after experiencing the first track. Bring us to a curious state of mind to what the lyrics even mean!? “And that is bae”?... I don't know but I'm living for this production! You can feel the waves of the sandy dunes raising you up and down for miles until you reach the water you have been chasing all this time, although it is pretty impossible. 9.5/10- funny lyrics, one of my 2 favorite sounding songs on this album.

Plus it helps Bunny is a Rider; “Satellite can’t find her. No sympathy, mm. But I’m so non-physical. I do, I do, feel like the lady. I do, I do, fireworks blazing. I do, I do, heart is unbreaking. I do, I do, but don’t drop my name. Bunny is a rider.” Full with mystery over who this allusive “Bunny” is, this track is a campy fun song that feels like an entire metaphor. As for how it sounds, this song is packed with little snip-bits that draw your attention, to the whistling, to the baby giggling, to what it sounds like a tiny xylophone being played; the bass also sounds really good! In conclusion, 8.3/10- really fun, and is “Bunny” really a rider?

Sunset; “‘Cause you’re my sunset, fiery red. Forever fearless. And in your arms, a warm horizon. Don’t look back. Let's ride away, let’s ride away.” This a love song full of glaring red beams of sunlight illuminating the darkness of night; truly a sunset. In this journey of a song you feel lost, looking for something you dropped, but at the end you find it. Guitar strings, clapping, and humming grace your ears as you glide along this track, truly being a Flamenco bop! This song also samples Gerudo Valley from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time; who knew mother was a gamer!? 9/10- super great sample, such a fun listen.


Fly to You; “Ohh, I fly to you. After all the tears you’re all I need. I fly to you. Not just somewhere deep inside of me.” The yearning to have someone near us and to have someone to “fly” to is completely vocalized inside this song. With the features of Grimes and Dido this already airy piece parts the clouds to soar high into Caroline’s discography. Echos, glitter, and flutes float in almost all of an expansive landscape, addressing the fears of.. Desire. 8.9/10- super relatable lyrics, really good features.

Smoke; “And you are. The big answer tonight. And you are. Melting everything about me. Oh, don’t worry ‘bout me. It’s just. It’s just smoke.” This is by far my favorite song on the album, everything from the vocals, to the lyrics, to the instrumentals, to the ominous whirring and humming in the background really makes this amazing track so consumable. This song does really feel like smoke, not the sicky, sappy type; more of water vapor, just clouding your vision and screaming out into the unknown trying to find out what you truly want. 10/10- Absolutely everything about this song is heart melting to me.

This record will most probably be AOTY for me. Nothing I feel could sonically and vocally top this. Please, Please, Please go give this album a listen for yourself; I promise there will be at least one song you will like. These were also only 6 of the 12 tracks on the album, the rest of the songs are just as amazing as these are. Huge shoutout to Danny L. Harle for his (and Caroline’s) production on this album, again sonically amazing; his sounds never fail to astonish me. This album was released Feb 14th, 2023, and I can't wait to see what's next from Caroline. You can also listen to her debut album “Pang” which has some amazing tracks on there such as "So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings”, “Pang”, “Parachute”, “Door”, and “Ocean of Tears”.

DESIRE, I WANT TO TURN INTO YOU - BY CAROLINE POLACHEK… 5/5 CHLOE STICKERS!!!!!!!! This is so deserved, we love mother. Pls stream so she can feed her fanbase.

Chloe Meilandt

Chloe is a senior at FHS and is an avid lover of cats. She loves being with her own cat, Ollie; and enjoying other activities like playing video games, crocheting and hanging out with friends. If you see her around say Hi!

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