Today Thursday, April 7th, 2022 The U.N. Voted to have Russia’s seat at the United Nations Humans Rights Council suspended because of the recent and violent attacks against Ukraine. Thursday, February 24th, 2022, Russia Invaded Ukraine resulting in 3,393 Ukrainian Deaths so far. For more information on the war, you can read, “What's going on between Russia and Ukraine right now?” on our news page.

Since the attacks, all eyes have been on the U.N looking for someone to attempt to preserve international peace. The U.N. or United Nations is an intergovernmental foundation created in 1945 starting here in California. The U.N. was founded with the intention of one day coming to international peace amongst all countries. There are 193 countries in the U.N. today leaving out only three countries.

The Human Rights Council is one of many councils formed within the U.N. It’s made up of 47 countries with the goal to protect human rights on an international level. Both Russia and Ukraine were members of the U.N. Human Rights Council until earlier today.

This morning the U.N. General assembly voted in favor of suspending Russia, a motion started by the U.S. Russia was a founding country of the U.N. so the motion was seen as highly disrespectful, because of this drama many members didn't even vote.

The way voting works is, for the motion to pass 2/3's of the U.N. has to vote in favor of the motion, this is not including the votes of countries who choose to abstain from voting. The motion to suspend Russia was made by the U.N. general assembly, because of the controversy 58 countires abstained from voting, which changed the amount of voting countries from 175 to 117 meaning the motion needed at least 78 votes to pass, the motion got 93 votes in favor and 24 against it.

This picture shows what countries abstained, voted in favor, and voted against the motion. For some major countries, this caused controversy in their allyship and concerned citizens, such as China where the government has spoken out about helping Ukrainian citizens but then voted against it in today's assembly making people question the country's motives. Along with Russia pulling out of the council of Europe last minute because of their recent depiction in the U.N. general assembly meeting.

In the end, more and more countries are standing together against Russia because of the terrible attacks inflicted on Ukraine, the U.S. and many other countries are defending human rights and hopefully, with the help of the U.S. and other countries, the U.N. will soon be successful in the goal of international peace within all countries.