The Scholastic Aptitude Test and the American College Testing, also known as the SAT and ACT are standardized tests offered in every high school in the nation that measure a student’s current knowledge. Most colleges/universities require a score from at least one of these tests on their transcript. The scores for the SAT range from 0-1600 with 0 being a low score and 1600 being a high score.The scores for the ACT range from 0-36 with 0 being a low score and 36 being a high score. These tests are built to give a student and a college or university an idea of the level of current knowledge the student attains. In the past couple years the level of requirement for these tests has dropped. More and more students and people in power are leaning toward the removal of standardized testing from high schools. This debate is currently ongoing and changes are already being put into place. The tests usually occur during the start of the school year then return at the end of the school year. This allows students to possibly take the Test right before summer to see what they get then study over summer. Then they have the choice to take it again at the beginning of the next school year if needed and still input their scores onto their transcripts before college application deadlines.

Here are all the upcoming SAT test dates/deadlines

*The dates for the SAT only occur in August, October, November, December, March, April, May, and June.*

»Date- March 12 Deadline- February 11

Date- May 7 Deadline- April 8

Date- June 4 Deadline- May 5

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