Participating in programs like dual enrollment at Los Medanos College can really benefit high schoolers. For one, they can start earning college credits while still in high school. This means they can get a head start on their college education; they might even finish their degree faster and cheaper. Plus, taking college-level classes in high school gets them used to the tougher college workload, which is a big help.

Another good thing about dual enrollment is that it lets students try out different subjects and careers early on. This helps them figure out what they're interested in before they commit to a major in college. And it's not just about the classes – getting used to an environment where adults work to earn an education for a career helps them gain the experience needed for the working world. Plus, colleges like to see that students have challenged themselves with college-level classes. It looks good on their applications and shows they're serious about their education. And the scheduling is usually pretty easy and flexible, so students can still do other activities like sports or jobs while they're taking college classes.

Basically, programs like dual enrollment at LMC give high school students a great chance to do well in school, figure out what they want to do in the future, and get ready for college life