On March 20th 2023 Bryson Tiller announced that he will be doing a summer tour from May 4th- June 12th. This will be his first tour since he blew up back in 2018, in 2018 Bryson went on tour for his True to Self album. This time around Bryson is going to be performing an unreleased album that has over 10 songs, during this tour he will be performing in places such as denver colorado, chicago illinois, new york city, miami florida, austin and houston texas, phoenix arizona, las vegas nevada, and seattle washington. Because this is one of his biggest tours since back in 2018 ticket prices are so much higher than they were back from his last tour.

The ticket prices are ranging from $300 to $2,500 but recently he has been having a 50% off sale , so if you are considering going to the tour i would definitely buy the tickets as soon as possible, me being the biggest bryson tiller fan ever i bought my tickets the day after i found out about the tour and i only payed $250.Another note recently on his instagram Bryson announced that he will be doing a 50% off sale around a week before he goes on tour. Honestly I am extremely excited for this tour and I have been waiting for this day forever. On behalf of all Bryson Tiller fans this is going to be the concert that tops them all.