Have you ever worn an outfit and felt like it was missing something? Well, this article is the one for you. Adding accessories from rings, necklaces, scarves, and maybe even headphones can make your outfit go from a 10 to a 100.

Earmuffs: As the weather is still quite cold, a good accessory to help with the weather is earmuffs. The purpose of earmuffs is to keep an individual's ears covered so that they can stay warm.

( Image: Earmuffs by handsomegirly_ on Twitter )

Hand Gloves: Again with the theme of wanting to stay warm during the cold weather, gloves are the perfect addition to an outfit

( Image: Ribbon Gloves by Empty Room )

Scarfs: Another item to add to an outfit could be a scarf, just throwing a scarf around your neck can really boost your outfit

( Image: Scarf by Vintagehollywood2008 on Instagram )

Beanies: Recently I’ve noticed that a lot of people at school tend to wear beanies and I truly believe that beanies are the answer to everything, such as if you're having a bad hair day just throw a beanie on and voila, not only do you look stylish but no one will know that you are having a bad hair day.

(Image: Miki Kim Suminagashi Beanie by lores. official on Instagram )

Earrings: Along with necklaces, earrings are a fun way to make your outfit more lively!

( Image: Bunny’s Heart earring by safsafu on Instagram)

Statement Necklaces: Necklaces are such a fun and easy way to spice up an outfit, whether it's wearing multiple necklaces at once or a loud singular necklace that makes a statement.

( Image: Heart Necklace by harlothands on Instagram )

Overall there are many different ways to make an outfit fun and ultimately it's really up to your own creativity to put an outfit together but with a little help from the internet you can find so many accessories that fit your certain style and aesthetic! Don't forget to have fun.

Elizabeth Maria Jacobo

Elizabeth Maria Jacobo is a senior at Freedom High School. Alongside being the Editor in Chief of this year's Journalism Class, she enjoys listening to music and streaming ‘2 BADDIES’ by NCT 127 ;)

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