January 6th, an unnamed 6 year old boy shot his 1st grade teacher, Abigail Zwerner after an altercation at Richneck Elementary School in Virginia. The child allegedly shot one round with a 9mm Taurus firearm at his teacher he brought in his backpack from home, at 1:59 PM. 5 minutes later, when the police arrived, the boy was already being restrained by a school staff member. The boy is in police custody. Zwerner was shot through her hand and upper chest. Police Chief Steve Drew, says this was an intended shooting, not an accident.

The hero managed to escort the other 20 students out of the room and to safety while injured. At the time of the shooting, her injuries were considered life threatening, but she has since stabilized. A GoFundMe page organized by Zwerner’s twin sister has raised more than $65,000 since it was created Monday, donations that will go toward her recovery. The school closed Monday and Tuesday to give time for the community to heal.

The firearm was legally purchased by the student's mother. Police Chief Steve Drew, says this was an intended shooting, not an accident. How the child got ahold of the firearm is the biggest and most important question to authorities. The child is not facing charges because of his age, but the mother could be facing charges. Drew says, “We need to check with Child Protective Services on any history. We need to check with the school system on any behavioral issues they might have and put those together,” he said. “There’s still 16, 17 children that we want to work with a child psychologist to get some statements from. And at the end of the day, when that’s all compiled together and the facts and what the law supports, the Commonwealth’s attorney will make the decision if there are any charges forthcoming … towards the parents,” In Virgina, if the parents didn't keep the gun locked up and in a proper place, it is only a 1st Misdemeanor charge.