This winter the 2022 World Cup will be kicking off in the nation of Qatar. Billions of people will be tuned in to watch the world’s most captivating sport. In order for the preparations of the tournament to move along, the draw for each group was held in March. The draw was held in the Doha Convention Center in Qatar.

How the draw works. Each group contains 4 teams and each team is drawn from one of the four pots. Depending on the nation's latest FIFA rankings will determine what pot they were placed in. Each group must have only one nation from each pot. Every nation has a ball that contains a paper with their name on it and this ball is amongst other balls that also contains a piece of paper with the name of a nation in the same pot. No two nations from the continent can be drawn in the same group; besides, for European nations there can be a maximum of five groups with two European teams. Three of the remaining spots left in the World Cup are still vacant for three more qualifying games still need to be played granting qualification to three more teams.

The convention center in Doha held the Qatar president, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thanic, as well as many other leaders of Qatar. The president of FIFA and as well as every single coaching staff of each nation attended the draw. Millions of people across the globe watched the event.

One of the main headlines was England and the US being drawn into the same group. The US who qualified for the World Cup after falling short in qualification for the last World Cup look to have a promising young team but still seem to be no match for the European giants England.

However, no match in a huge tournament like the World Cup is easy, upsets can happen which makes the tournament even more entertaining.This is why the World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world. With the heat of Qatar in the summer the tournament will be held in the winter for the safety of the players. Overall, the tournament has high expectations and billions of people around the world including myself can wait for the tournament that only comes around every four years to start.

Pot 1: consists of Qatar, Brazil, Belgium, France, Argentina, England, Spain, and Portugal.

Pot 2: consists of Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, USA, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Croatia.

Pot 3: consists of Senegal, Tunisia, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Serbia, Poland, South Korea.

Pot 4: consists of Canada, Ghana, Cameroon, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine/Wales/Scotland, Australia/United Arab Emirates/Peru, and Costa Rica/New Zealand.